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Michelle Cravenho Training offers the following services:
Training      ~ Full Training Board Inquire for pricing 
                   ~ Maintenance Training Inquire for pricing 
A customized training program will be determined to provide the client overall success with their horse.
Training is designed to mold the client's horse to the owner's ability so they can work the horse as well as the trainer. Michelle's greatest reward is training a horse to the point where the owner is capable of successfully working, riding or showing.

Inquire regarding the different training board options and what is entailed in each program.

~ Starting Young Horses to Saddle or Harness ~ Show Training ~ Pleasure Training ~ Problem Horse Correction ~ Accommodating Horse and Rider Compatibility ~

Individual training rides or work sessions can be arranged for clients not in full training. If you need help overcomming a specific problem, your horse needs some fine tuning, or you want your horse worked while you are on vacation. Individual training sessions can be arranged. This option is available to truck in clients as well as boarders.  ~ Inquire for Pricing ~
Lessons ~  half hour, hour ~  driving  ~ trail ride lesson
Professional ½ hour and 1 hour private lessons offered to first time, beginner and advaced riders of all ages.  Take a lesson on your horse or one of our safe well trained school horses.  Learn to enjoy horses and the benefit, both physical and mental that riding provides, in a safe and friendly environment.

Cancellation Policy: 
To better serve our clients, we require 24-hour notice for cancellation of appointments. 
Last-minute cancellations and no-shows will be charged full price.

Propper Riding Attire:
Full length pants, a boot with a heal, and riding helmets must be worn for riding lessons. 
School helemets available.

Show / School Horses Available for Lease   ~
Leasing a horse provides the novice rider an opportunity to advance their riding skills more quickly with practice rides between lessons. Leasing introduces you to the commitment involved in horse ownership without all of the associated costs. A leased horse is in full training, maintained by the vet, chiropractor, and blacksmith. While leasing you will also learn practical horse knowledge required to maintain the horses health and well being. Leasees are given priority with horse selection for lessons, horse shows, trail or beach rides.
All tack, and required product is included in the lease fee.

Horse Showing    ~  Inquire for Pricing  ~
​Michelle Cravenho's clients attend many Local, Regional and National Level Horse Shows with training horses, school horses, and boarder's horses. We show to win, but want our students to learn good sportsmanship and have fun as well. 
Other Services  ~ Inquire for Pricing
  • Clipping (Body Clip, Show Clip, Basic Clip)
  • Braiding
  • Medical Care Provided if needed (ie: bandaging, wound care, hosing etc) 
  • Consultation
  • Short Term Board (Vacation, Lay Ups)
  • Travel to your facility (training, lessons, clipping etc)
  • Trailering
  • Training Rides per Session
2 rides/week per month, 3 rides/week per month, 4 rides/week per month 
​(Unsupervised ride time single ride, riding ability must first be proven in lessons)