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Michelle Cravenho Training Photo Gallery    ~    Click on images to enlarge
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Training Horses: (Past and Present)
Regardless aka Riley currently in training Driving and Saddleseat (Available for Lease)
Ghazi's Darkside aka Lordie currently in training Hunt Seat and Dressage
Obvious Exclusive aka Gracie Currently in Training Western  for Showing and Pleasure Riding
Master FH aka Tahari currently in training Hunt Seat, Dressage,  and Driving (Available for Lease)
Western Star Galaxy aka Alex currently in training Western, Hunt Seat, and Equitation Patterns (Available for Lease)
Loraine aka Lorie currently being worked at owners facility Showing and Trail Riding
Chigger currently in training Trail Riding for a Timid Rider
Sunny past training horse  Broke to Saddle and Harness ~ Sold
Pine Brook Jack Frost past training horse Hunt Seat and Dressage ~ Sold
Dr Body past training horse Hunt Seat, Western and Dressage ~ Sold
Dr Body past training horse Hunt Seat, Western and Dressage ~ Sold
Scout past training horse Broke to Saddle and Halter
School Horses:
Regardless aka Riley ~ Morgan Gelding  ~ Riley loves to drive be it in the show ring on the trails, bogs or high tension lines. He hooks and unhooks on his own and is very patient. Once hooked he will pull all day long!
Riley has natural motion even with plates or barefoot. A little show shoe and he is ready to go. No need for huge weighted shoes with Riley.
Riley loves to have fun! He chases cows, has fun on the trails and beach, excels in versatility and trail courses, plays with his friends in the turnout. He wants to please and be loved. He is a very special boy.
Riding Riley is a rush. He is very deceiving when you see him lunge or on the ground....you think hunter and maybe a little boring, but get in the saddle or buggy and he is ready to get up and go!
Horse Shows
Regardless aka Riely: ~ Watch out midwesterners Riley has arrived! ~   Sold, Congratulations Sarah
Western Star Galaxy (Alex): ~ Rest in peace, Alex touched the hearts of all who knew him  ~
Western Star Galaxy aka Alex ~ Morgan Gelding  ~ Alex has been there and done that...you name it and he has done it and done it well! You cannot ask for a better horse.
Alex was the first Morgan to win the western stock seat equitation medals. Alex and Stephanie worked hard and out preformed all the stock horses in their pattern and rail work. He likes to win almost more than his riders...victory passes are his FAVORITE!
Alex would not wear a silly ribbon in his forelock for just anyone! This is his least favorite part, but if it's for a kid he likes he endures the humiliation! You cannot ask for a better confidence builder for kids and adults new to riding.
Western Star Victory aka Willie ~ Morgan Gelding  ~ Willie is Alex's brother and has some big shoes to fill and he is up for the challenge. Willie gives exactly what is asked of him. This is great because he is slow and steady for lead line and walk trot and big and bold for advanced riders.
Willie is truly versatile and very competitive in Western, Hunt Seat and Saddle Seat.
Western Star Victory aka Willie ~ Morgan Gelding  ~ Western, Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat, and Dressage  ~ Available for half or quarter lease ~ Inquire for pricing
Western Star Victory aka Willie ~ Morgan Gelding  ~ Western, Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat, and Dressage  ~ Available for half or quarter lease ~ Inquire for pricing
Ghazis Darkside 2012 Canadian Nationals Top Ten Sport Horse Show Hack
NEFHC 2012 Show was a huge success!  Master FH, Western Star Victory, Western Star Galaxy, Regardless and Ghazis Darkside attended the show and created life time memories for their riders.
NEFHC 2012 Show ~ Horses and Students worked hard, rode well and enjoyed the fruits of their labor!
NEFHC 2012 Show ~ 3 days worth of classes squeezed into 2 days was frantic at times! A moment of quiet time allowed horses and students alike to rest and enjoy the experience.
Ghazis Darkside aka Lordie Champion Arabian Sport Horse Under Saddle at the  CRAA Spring Derby Horse Show 2012
Willie is loved far and wide. His best students grow up, get married, move across the country and still come back to ride when ever on the east coast.  We all love you Steph!
Alex is quite the teacher! He is  very patient and calm allowing new riders to really learn and advance. You can tell from a mile away when Alex likes you. He is so eager to please.
Zelda is fitting into the lesson program nicely.  All the kids seem to love her! She is fun, forward and not at all spookie.
Daisy is quickly becoming a lesson favorite! Kids and adults all seem to love her. She likes to ride western as well as english. She is a looker and a sweetie pie.
Tahari has a calming effect on people. He is so patient and gentle allowing students of all ages and abilities to learn.
Sardes Surreal (Rico): ~ SOLD~
Tony:  ~ He will be very happy in his new home eventing ~ Sold, Congratulations Taylor 
Tony aka Beretta is very happy in his new home! He loves Taylor and his new life! She is teaching him to jump....up to 2.9 and going strong! We are so Happy for this wonderful new team!
Tony OTTB 17.1hands 9 Year old Gelding. Handsome boy very willing to please with great work ethic.
Tony is a big boy built and behaves more like a warmblood. He has a soft mouth, works well in a snaffle, and has very smooth gaits traveling in a collected frame.
Tony enjoys working in the indoor as well as in the outdoor rings. Snow, commotion other naughty horses in the ring....it's all good.
Tony enjoys his freshly bedded stall after a full day of riding and playing outside in the show!
Tony is relaxed and allows you to hang out with him while he naps, add an apple to the mix and you have one Happy Boy!
WH CH Heir Popper:  ~ Popper is making friends at Wildwood  ~ Sold, Congratulations Jon Douglas 
Reciently Sold Horses:
A Blue Ribbon ride for Daisy at the September Hanson Riding Club show. She enjoyed the entire showing experience and all of the prep. She espically enjoyed hanging out on the trailer with Willie after they both preformed spectacularly! Qualified for the invitational in 1 class, not bad for a rookie!
Such a good girl!  She is now ready for the kids to show! Daisy's first show day was a huge success. She not only preformed well but was unflappable in a open breed class with lots of commotion!
Daisy's second show this time with 8 year old. The judges seem to think she looks good in BLUE! Daisy was very patient and understanding with a child who switched to hunt seat from western the week of the show! We could not have asked for a better girl.
Flowers Bo Doc Gal aka Daisy ~
Daisy is just as happy on the sunny trails as in the puddles! She really enjoys her work outs.  Students are lining up to lesson on her!
Daisy has now show with adults and children....same results...she loves it!
Western Star Victory (Willie): ~ Western~Hunt Seat~Saddleseat~Dressage~Jumping~Trails ~Driving
Flowers Bo Doc Gal (Daisy): ~ Western ~ Hunt Seat ~ Dressage ~ Jumping ~ Trails ~
Fairhill Hello Dolly (DeDe): ~SOLD ~
The newest addition to the barn. Bubba is big, blond, and  making friends in the turnouts as well as the lesson program!
Bubba is so fun to ride even the saddle seat riders are  enjoying him!
Bubba enjoys working and always seems to look happy...gotta love those ears!
Bubba gets along with all of the horses in the tuirnouts. He spends hours grooming  his friends. He is has a super easy going personality.
Bubba at his first horse show with Michelle Cravenho Training. He was a perfect gentleman. He was the big babbysitter....not only for the people but for those unseasoned day show horses....he took care of them all!
IMA Yellow Fello (Bubba)): ~ SOLD ~
Master FH aka Tahari ~ Friesian Gelding  ~ Hunt Seat, Dressage, and Driving  ~ Available for half or quarter lease ~ Inquire for pricing
Master FH aka Tahari ~ Friesian Gelding  ~ Hunt Seat, Dressage, and Driving  ~ Available for half or quarter lease ~ Inquire for pricing
Master FH aka Tahari ~ Friesian Gelding  ~ Hunt Seat, Dressage, and Driving  ~ Available for half or quarter lease ~ Inquire for pricing
Master FH (Tahari): ~ Sold, Watch out Iowa, Tahari will have a huge fan club in a matter of days!!
Chalice Dreams and Schemes aka Zelda: ~ Sold, Congratulations Lauren!
Zelda's ears are clipped, tail is up, and shoes are on...in training to determine her niche. She is not afraid of anything, great on the trails, and self loads.
Zelda is making new friends. She jumped 2'6" with a student today and loved it. It was a toss up as to who looked happier the kid or the horse!
Zelda is so comfortable on the trails. Smooth as glass, will go all day long, and there is nothing out there that will scare her!
Zelda girl is unflappable...chuging along flat work in the wind..Happy as can be. she's loving having a job and many new friends to love!
Travis: ~ SOLD ~
Travis is the newest addition to the lesson program. He is a big boy!
Travis loves going out with the boys. At 17.2h you would think he would be boss but he is very docile.
​Vincenzo Style (Vincent): ~ Sold, Congratulations to the Monica Family!
​Lee El's Key to my Heart (Lizzy): ~ Sold, Congratulations Cyndi